Cliff Island is located 6 miles from the city of Portland. It spans over 350 acres and has a year round population of about 60 people. Cliff's one room schoolhouse is one of the last in Maine. The 2005-06 seasons enrollment had 6 children in grades k-5. After the 5th grade, they attend school in Portland; commuting each day on the Casco Bay Lines Ferry. In addition to the school there is the Post Office, community center, a small church, and Milly’s café located at the end of the island ferry landing. There is no public access to the picturesque beaches and coves and no public facilities on the island. 







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Cliff Island Association  207-766-2618
Cliff Island Post Office  207-766-2051
Cliff Island School  207-766-2885
Fisherman’s Cove gas and diesel  207-766-2046
Cliff Island Store [Millis’]  207-766-2312
Cliff Island Taxi [Chester]  207-766-2047

Long Island Postcard -1950