Long Island is the second newest town in Maine.  Residents seceded from the City of Portland in 1993.  The Town of Long Island is located 3.5 miles from the mainland and is one of the three largest of the 222 Casco Bay islands.  Its long, narrow shape, 3.5 miles long a half mile wide is the origin of its name.. The year-round population, approximately 200, receives ferry service from Casco Bay Lines.  Among the regular commuters are children who have grown beyond their K-5, Long Island School.  The Island boasts one of the nicest public beaches in the state.  Singing Sands is a state park and a quick 15-walk from town landing.  Provisions are available at Boathouse Beverage and  Long Island Store.  It features live entertainment on the deck overlooking Casco Bay.  For overnight accommodations, there is the Chestnut Hill Inn which also offers fine dining by reservation. Guest Rooms are available by calling Emily Jacobs at Cove Side or Chris Watters at Christine's By the Sea.  


Long Island Town Hall
Open Tuesdays 8am-4pm and Thursdays,3:30-7:30pm
Boathouse Beverage 207-766-5609
Chestnut Hill Inn 207-766-5275
Christine’s By the Sea 207-766-5964
Cove Side (coveside.li@verizon.net) 207-766-0092
Long Island Store 207-766-2512

Long Island Postcard -1950