Peaks Island lies 2 miles from the city of Portland. At 720 acres it is the forth largest of the 222 islands that make up Casco Bay. It is also one of the most populated islands along the Maine coast that is not connected to the mainland by causeway or bridge.  With a year round population of almost 1,000 people it gets regularly scheduled ferry service from  Casco Bay Lines, Itís school is K-5 after the fifth grade children attend school in Portland commuting on the ferry each day. There are several inns restaurants and a local brew pub. Groceries are provided by Hanniganís Island market where the motto is ďif we donít have it you donít need itĒ A couple of nice beaches and one of the most spectacular shore side walks one will ever take on the islands back shore.  




The Inn on Peaks Island
The Peaks Island House

Peaks Island Ferry Landing